Multiple Attackers and Improvised Weapons

In this dynamic, two-part seminar, we'll cover multiple attackers and improvised weapons! You won't want to miss this!

The Schedule

9am-1pm: Multiple Attackers
1-2pm: Lunch Break
2-6pm: Improvised Weapons*

Multiple Attackers

In the first half of the day, we'll focus on Multiple Attackers scenarios and drills:

  • Pre-attack setup dynamics
  • Types of multiple attacker threats: abduction, gang attacks, etc.
  • Prioritizing threats on the fly
  • Stacking and aligning multiple attackers
  • Dealing with multiple armed attackers

After this portion of the seminar, we'll have a lunch break and then, move on to Improvised Weapons.

Improvised Weapons

*In order to attend this second portion of the seminar, you must attend Multiple Attackers from 9-1pm because techniques taught in the first portion will be used in the second.
  • Categories and functions of improvised weapon type
  • Legal implications of using an improvised weapons
  • Cultural differences of weapon use
  • Defensive vs. offensive usefulness of various weapon types
  • Fighting stance with various weapons, strikes, blocks, etc.
  • Using unarmed combatives alongside improvised weapons

About Jeff Mount

Ever wonder who teaches our awesome instructors? In this seminar, you'll get to spend a whole day learning from one of the instructors that teaches and certifies our Fit and Fearless Krav Maga instructors.

With over 25 years of instructional experience, Jeff brings a well-rounded background as Director of Operations and Chief Instructor with Krav Maga Maryland. One of a few 3rd Degree Black Belts in the US, Jeff also serves Krav Maga Worldwide as a Train the Trainer Instructor, mentoring and evaluating other instructors from across the country. Jeff was awarded Krav Maga Worldwide’s Instructor of the Year in 2009.

Jeff also holds Advanced Force Trainer certifications with Krav Maga WorldWide’s Force Training Division. He has trained law enforcement officers from over 45 agencies including Baltimore County Police Department, United States Secret Service, Baltimore City Police Department, NSA Police, Pentagon Police, Howard County Police Department, Maryland State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigations, United States Capitol Police, Montgomery County Police Department, PG County SWAT, United States Marshal Service, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and many more. Jeff has also created customized pre-deployment, anti-abduction, and active shooter training for dozens of military units and civilian personnel headed overseas.

Jeff is a certified Executive Protection Specialist through Robert Oatman and Associates. He is also a participating member of Infragard, a security organization comprised of law enforcement, corporate security, and intelligence community representatives. Jeff is also founding member of Araminta Freedom Initiative, a Baltimore-based non-profit dedicated to eradicating domestic minor sex trafficking from the Baltimore/D.C. area.

Sign Up

9am-1pm (Half Day): Multiple Attackers Only — $99
9-6pm (Full Day): Multiple Attackers and Improvised Weapons — $149

You can reserve your spot with a $50 down payment. Remaining payments will be drafted every two weeks following the down payment. Email with questions or to make other arrangements.

June 2, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Fit and Fearless
3701 Drossett Dr
Unit 140
Austin, TX 78744 US
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Event Prices:
$99.00 - Half-day Only - Multiple Attackers
$149.00 - Full Day