Multiple Attackers and Improvised Weapons

Join us June 2nd for a full day of Krav Maga training with Jeff Mount of Krav Maga Worldwide. Jeff Mount is a 3rd degree Black Belt and owner of Krav Maga Maryland. In addition, he is also a major part of the Krav Maga Worldwide instructor training program - so you will be receiving training straight from the source!
9-1pm Multiple Attackers
2-6pm Improvised Weapons
The first part of the day we will cover basic self-defense techniques and work our way up to defenses against multiple attackers. No experience is necessary.
The second part of the day we will learn how to defend against and fight with items you may find in your day to day life. Not every armed attack occurs with a knife or a gun - attackers can make use of every day objects to cause physical harm. Items like stools, chairs, even laptops can be found in nearly every room, yet often don't catch our eye, as they don't appear dangerous. Because of this, we also don't see these everyday items as useful tools to defend ourselves in a violent situation. MUST ATTEND FIRST HALF OF THE DAY IN ORDER TO ATTEND THIS SECTION OF THE SEMINAR.

June 2, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Fit and Fearless
2800 S IH-35
Suite 100
Austin, TX 78704 US
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Event Prices:
$99.00 - Half-day Only - Multiple Attackers
$149.00 - Full Day
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